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    Control Light and Privacy with Customizable PVC Blinds

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    Create a comfortable atmosphere in your home or office with these durable, robust and easy to install Venetian blinds. These Plastic window blinds are made of high quality processed materials and stands out with its timeless design.

    The blinds are equipped with a control wand for tilt action and an auto-lock cord for raising and lowering the blind. These Venetian blinds are designed to last a lifetime, the longevity and robustness of the blinds means cleaning and maintenance is inevitable. They are easy to clean, simply dust or wipe it down with a moist cloth or blind cleaner.

    Featuring a child safety cord cleat that can be attached to a nearby surface to keep the cord untangled and out of reach of children and pets. 

    These Venetian blinds come complete with all the fixing and fittings required to install them easily in almost any window in your home or office, you can elegantly work around drilling holes which often poses as a problem e.g. in rental housing.


    Available in 4 different colours which include, black, white, grey and oak. We cater for almost any size windows as the blinds are available in 10 different sizes (all sizes have a 130cm drop). Do not worry if the exact size you are looking for not available as you can very easily trim a larger size to fit custom size windows and spacing.



    • VENETIAN SHUTTER BLINDS – These amazing blinds are perfect for your home or office and provide excellent cover and protection from the bright sunlight beaming through your windows, they also ideal for controlling your privacy
    • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING BRACKET – The versatility of these blinds is down to the mounting brackets, which allow you to easily clamp the blind to tilt and turn windows or any other kind or window and wall
    • ROBUST & EASY TO CLEAN - The blinds can be easily dusted, wiped down with a damp cloth or cleaned with a blind cleaner, they can also be removed from the mounting clamp to make this process easier
    • TILT CONTROL WAND & PULL CORD – Featuring a tilt control wand which allows you to open and close the angle of the blinds with a simple twist of the wand, a pull cord is included that allows you to raise and lower the entire blinds easily giving you full control over lighting and privacy
    • COLOUR & SIZES – These Venetian blinds are available in 4 different colours which include black, white, grey and oak. We also have a large variety in available sizes ranging from 45-180cm width



    45cm x 130cm

    60cm x 130cm

    75cm x 130cm

    90cm x 130cm

    105cm x 130cm

    120cm x 130cm

    135cm x 130cm

    150cm x 130cm

    165cm x 130cm

    180cm x 130cm


    Package Contents

    1 x Venetian Blinds Set With 130cm Drop

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: g

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    Control Light and Privacy with Customizable PVC Blinds


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