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    Retractable Pulley Hanging Basket Pull Down Hanger Garden Flower Pot Patio Home

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    Constructed with an internal durable hanging strap and fitted with two easy to use carabiner clips to make installation simple and quick.


    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Allows you to pull down your hanging baskets for watering & pruning without having to unhook them. The pulley includes a hook at the top and bottom.


    • PULL DOWN HANGER. Helps you have easy access to your hanging plants so you can water, inspect for weeds or trim without fuss.
    • EASY TO USE – Just install, attach basket and pull down. Release so it pulls up. When stuck, just wriggle for release.
    • CAN BE THE PERFECT TOOL TO HANG FLOWER BASKETS. EXTENDS UP TO 60 CM. Secured by two small carabiner clips.
    • AVAILABLE IN BLACK. Extends to 82cm. Auto recoil.
    • PACK SIZES – Available to purchase different pack sizes including; 1 pack, 2 pack and 4 papck


    Unveiling our Retractable Pulley Pull Down Hanger, a practical and efficient solution for managing your hanging baskets with ease. This tool is ingeniously crafted to simplify the care of your plants by making watering, pruning, and regular maintenance stress-free and convenient.

    • Simple and Quick Installation: This pull down hanger comes with an internal durable hanging strap and two easy-to-use carabiner clips. This thoughtful design ensures that you can install it swiftly without any complications.

    • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Whether you want to adorn your interior space or add charm to your patio, this versatile pull down hanger is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

    • Easy Access to Hanging Plants: Say goodbye to the hassle of unhooking your hanging baskets for regular care. This pulley system allows you to effortlessly pull down your baskets for watering, pruning, and inspections.

    • Perfect for Hanging Baskets: Equipped with hooks at both ends, the pulley system is the ideal tool for hanging flower baskets. With the ability to extend up to 82 cm, you can adjust the height of your baskets to your liking.

    • Available in Various Pack Sizes: To cater to your specific needs, this product is available in several pack sizes - choose from 1-pack, 2-pack, or 4-pack options.

    Dimension: When not pulled, it measures 22 cm in length, but it can fully extend up to 82 cm.

    Package Content: 1 x Pull Down Hanger (Number of hangers varies as per the pack size chosen)

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: g

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    Retractable Pulley Hanging Basket Pull Down Hanger Garden Flower Pot Patio Home


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