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    Smartphone Breathalyzer, Kissometer

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    iCheckU Smart Phone Alcohol & Kiss Level Checker is a dual function compact & portable testing device for your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) % and bad breathe level. The iCheckU device works with a downloadable app on your smart phone, the app shows you your results in a graphical and numeric display.


    Upon enjoying drinks in the party, friend gathering or dinner date, use this device to check your BAC via your smart phone (the Alcohol test is designed to be used only as an aid in promoting responsible drinking , DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE). During dating, check and make sure your breathe smell is suitable to give a sweet kiss to your lover after taking your beloved onion, garlic and Kimchi, ideal for heavy smoker as well.



    • Smart Phone Alcohol/Kiss Level Checker
    • For iPhone & Android phones
    • Compact size & light weight
    • Easy to carry and check anytime & at any place
    • Accuracy: +/-0.01% at 0.05% BAC



    Height: 3cm Width: 4cm Depth: 1cm Weight: 0.1kg


    Package Content

    1 x iCheckU Smart Phone Alcohol & Kiss Level Checker

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: g

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    Smartphone Breathalyzer, Kissometer


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