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    Radiator Bed For Cats With Self-Heating Thermal Material

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    • SMART DESIGN - Two Layers With Distinct Functions. Top One Is Soft And Patterned, Your Pet Will Love It No Doubt. Bottom Layer Is Lined With Soft Cotton, Which Keeps The Heat From Dissipating. Additional Heat Conducting Layer Made Of Aluminum Is Placed Between Them, Allowing For Heat Conduction
    • SAFE AND SPACIOUS - The Mat Is Safe For All Kinds Of Pets. Made Of Environmentally Friendly, Tried, And Tested Materials. Suitable For All Kinds Of Home Animals Of Different Shapes And Sizes. The Size Is 70 x 47 Cm, Which Is Fine Even For Bigger Dog Breeds
    • EASY STORAGE - Can Be Easily Folded Even With The Aluminum Layer. When Not Needed, Takes Extremely Little Of Your Everyday Space
    • PERFECT NOT ONLY FOR WINTER - Although A Self-Heating Mat Sounds Like A Winter Wonder, Your Pet Will Love It No Matter The Time Of Year. It Is Perfect For Comfortable Sleep And Regeneration From Exercise Or Even For Recovery From An Illness
    • EASILY WASHABLE - As We All Know, Our Beloved Pets Are Prone To Getting Dirty And Wet. In Such Cases, The Mat Can Be The Very First Place They Snuggle Into. Thus, The Mat Can Be Easily Washed Out Of Stains

    Box Dimensions: 43cm x 3cm x 66.5cm

    Weight: 220 g

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    Radiator Bed For Cats With Self-Heating Thermal Material

    Β£8.99 GBP

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