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    Protector For Contactless Credit Cards To Prevent Unauthorized Scanning

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    These passport and credit card protection sleeves can stop any illegal scanning of RFID chips embedded in modern day passports and credit cards. With the shift in contactless technology you can now quickly and easy pay for pretty much anything with a tap of your card.  However with most technological advances there is always some criminals finding ways to use and abuse such technology to cheat, scam and fraud innocent bystanders.


    For anyone that may not realise how vulnerable they are, almost every bank card these days has contactless technology, even your passport will have a small chip that holds all your personal details. These details and even your money can be stolen without you even knowing simply by walking down a street and passing someone with a concealed scanning device that maybe hidden in a pocket, bag or even some smartphone may be used to scan your cards


    These simple passport and credit card sleeves are one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from fraudulent attacks, as they will block the signal from any scanning device to protect your details from any unauthorised access


    • Sentinel RFID Passport and 2 Credit Card Protectors
    • Helps prevent identity theft
    • RFIDs can scan your identity in seconds
    • Keep your personal data safe
    • RFID is the fastest growing fraud in the world



    Large Sleeve

    Height:14cm Width: 10cm


    Small Sleeve

    Height: 8cm Width: 6cm


    Package Content

    1 x Large Passport Protector Sleeve

    2 x Small Credit Card Protector Sleeve

    Box Dimensions: 10cm x 1cm x 10cm

    Weight: 28 g

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    Protector For Contactless Credit Cards To Prevent Unauthorized Scanning

    £10.78 GBP

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