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    Set of 4 Grab & Grip Litter Pickers Promoting Cleanliness

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    Clean up litter and hard-to-reach items effortlessly with our Longreach Handle Litter Picker. This lightweight and portable tool features a comfortable grip handle and a magnetic head with an anti-slip grip, making it perfect for cleaning up outdoor spaces.

    • Extended Reach and Easy Cleaning: With its long handle, our litter picker allows you to pick up debris without bending or stretching. It's ideal for parks, beaches, sidewalks, and other outdoor areas.
    • Magnetic Head with Anti-Slip Grip: The magnetic tip is great for retrieving small metallic items, while the anti-slip jaw ensures a secure hold on objects, preventing them from slipping off.
    • Heavy-Duty Construction: Made from premium-grade aluminium alloy and equipped with anti-skid rubber suckers, our pick-up grabber stick is durable and easy to transport. It can withstand multiple cleanups without breaking down.
    • Easy to Use and Comfortable: The ergonomic plastic handle provides maximum comfort during use, making it suitable for disabled individuals. It's designed to make picking up litter from hard-to-reach places easier.

    Reduce strain on your back and keep your surroundings clean with our Longreach Handle Litter Picker. It's a versatile tool that's perfect for various cleaning tasks, and its lightweight design ensures easy handling. Invest in this essential cleaning tool today.

    Box Dimensions: 14cm x 8.5cm x 79.5cm

    Weight: 770 g

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    Set of 4 Grab & Grip Litter Pickers Promoting Cleanliness

    Β£14.99 GBP

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