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    Flexible Cutting Mats Multicolour Chopping Boards Space-Saving Cutting Sheets

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    FLEXIBLE CHOPPING BOARDS - The easiest way to reduce food spills is by using a flexible cutting board mat. These mats are designed with curves that funnel your chopped, sliced or shredded dishes directly into the bowl of whatever you're cooking without any unnecessary messes on the ground below.

    VIBRANT COLOURS - These colourful cutting board sheets will help you cut your food without mixing the flavours. The set includes four different vibrant colours, allowing for easy identification of different ingredients when needed and also preventing cross-contamination.

    HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Not only do these chopping boards protect your countertops, but also safe and hygienic for cutting all your ingredients. Made of high gauge polypropylene that won't chip or warp. The board are anti-bacterial and does not contain any harmful substances - perfect to use for cutting meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables.

    DISHWASHER SAFE - A dishwasher-safe cutting board with flexible rubber compounds are designed for easy cleanup after cooking. All you have to do is wipe them down with water.

    DIMENSIONS - This hygienic and odour-free flexible cutting board is 38 cm L x 30.5 cm W with 1.3 mm thickness.
    A must-have cutting board mat for kitchens, outdoor BBQ parties, travelling and restaurants.

    The perfect kitchen accessory for anyone who loves to cook. These highly flexible boards bend to quickly funnel chopped, sliced or shredded food into the cooking pot, pan and bowl.

    Made of polypropylene that is anti-bacterial and non-toxic, you can also use them on a wooden board to protect it from bacteria and mould. They are colour-coded to prevent cross-contamination and mixing of ingredients and are hygienic and odour-free.

    It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. These chopping boards come in four vibrant colours that will match any kitchen decor. They are lightweight and easily transportable - also perfect for outdoor BBQ parties, camping and hiking.

    Box Dimensions: 38.2cm x 0.4cm x 30.5cm

    Weight: 260 g

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    Flexible Cutting Mats Multicolour Chopping Boards Space-Saving Cutting Sheets

    Β£6.99 GBP

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