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    Self-Adhesive Address Labels Printable Stickers Label Sheets

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    Product description

    FPS-2 is an A4 single integrated form which has one sticky label for your customer’s shipping address.

    The sticky label measures 110mm x 76mm and is easy to peel to add to the outside of your packaging. The integrated form can be printed with the sticky label at the bottom on the left hand side or flipped so that the label is situated in the top right hand corner.

    FPS-2 integrated label form can help streamline your despatch process, saving you both time and money, as it allows you to print your picking note/customer invoice and address label on one convenient smart form. It reduces the risk of mislabelling parcels.


    • A4 Single Integrated Labels
    • One integrated label for delivery or returns address
    • Print your picking note/invoice and despatch/returns label in one pass
    • Saves time and reduces the risk of mislabelling
    • Helps streamline despatch and returns procedure


    Package Content

    1000 x  A4 FPS-2 110mmx76mm Single Integrated Labels

    Box Dimensions: 32cm x 23cm x 18cm

    Weight: 6740 g

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    Self-Adhesive Address Labels Printable Stickers Label Sheets

    £54.38 GBP

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