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    Slow Feed Dog Cat Bowl

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    The Slow Feed Pet Bowl is a game-changer in pet care, ensuring your furry friends eat at a healthier pace.

    • Slow Feeding Design: Engineered to slow down eating up to 10 times the usual speed, this bowl is ideal for pets that eat too fast, promoting healthier eating habits.

    • Aids Digestion: By slowing down the rate of consumption, it aids in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, reducing the risk of bloating, regurgitation, and obesity.

    • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality, pet-safe materials, this bowl is sturdy, durable, and designed to withstand even the most vigorous eaters.

    • Easy To Clean: The bowl's simple design makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your pets enjoy a clean eating environment.

    • Interactive Meal Times: The unique design of the bowl creates a challenging mealtime that enhances your pet's natural foraging skills, making meal times fun and interactive.

    Incorporate this Slow Feed Pet Bowl into your pet's feeding routine to promote slower eating and aid digestion. Not only does it provide health benefits, but it also makes mealtimes a fun, stimulating experience for your pet.

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: 370 g

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    Slow Feed Dog Cat Bowl

    Β£11.78 GBP

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