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    Moisture Absorber Bag, Reusable Dehumidifier, Damp Remover

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    • INTERIOR DEHUMIDIFIER : The interior dehumidifier will remove any musty odour from the air in your home, protecting clothes and other items that are exposed to excess moisture.

    • EFFECTIVE & LONG-LASTIN: The interior dehumidifier is an efficient and long-lasting freestanding bag. It helps remove dampness, mould, mildew as well as condensation from the air by holding up to 3x its own weight in water.

    • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The interior dehumidifier is made of refined calcium chloride bead-type material which is resistant to bacteria and mould. It turns into liquid once the moisture is absorbed. When it turns into liquid, the whole dehumidifier needs to be disposed of.

    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: The dehumidifier bag will remove any amount of moisture from the air so you can keep your home feeling fresh. It's perfect for use in a bathroom, bedroom, wardrobe, shoe rack, drawers, kitchen, garage, basement, office and car.

    • DIMENSIONS : This small and discreet dehumidifier bag measures 20 cm x 15 cm so you can place it anywhere you need it. The freestanding dehumidifier bag is also available in packs of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36.

    The freestanding interior dehumidifier bag is designed to help remove dampness, mould, mildew as well as condensation from the air. It is made of white crystal beads that absorb water from the air and can absorb 3x of its own weight in water. The beads turn into water when the moisture is totally absorbed.
    The dehumidifier bag is non-reusable and should be disposed of once the content turns into liquid. It is a small and discreet bag which can b easily place in any place like a wardrobe, kitchen, under the sink, bathroom, bedroom, garage, car, office or drawer.
    It helps to trap dampness and prevents condensation, bad odours and excess moisture. It also keeps the air fresh around your home.
    Available in multiple packs of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36. They are effective and long-lasting. Depends on the amount of dampness.

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

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    Moisture Absorber Bag, Reusable Dehumidifier, Damp Remover


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