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    16" Ground Spike For Parasols Steel Parasol Holder

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    • [SCREW-IN GROUND SPIKE] The easy-fit screw in ground spike is a great accessory for outdoor rotary dryers and can be used with parasols or other products that require securing into the soil. Keep your Airers, Umbrellas Standing Upright with this must-have screw in the ground spike.
    • [STURDY DESIGN] The heavy-duty ground spike fits perfectly in your washing line pole and allows an easy fitting of the rotary clothes air-dryer to any location. The sturdy design stays without moving from its position, making it ideal for things where precision is needed or desired.
    • [MULTI FUNCTION] This ingenious, one-piece screw-in is easy to use and works with a variety of different items. You can attach it directly onto your garden parasol or rotary dryer while also being perfect for outdoor activity poles such as swing balls and badminton.
    • [FITS ANY MATERIAL WITH POLES] This screw-in rotary ground spike gives the stability and support that any item with a pole needs. Inserted into wet concrete, it will provide permanent footing for the planted surface.
    • [SPECIFICATION] The ground spike is durable, long-lasting and ideal for use with poles that measure 32/35/38/40/50mm in diameter. The length of the screw-in ground spike is 41 cm.

    Box Dimensions: 9.5cm x 7cm x 41.5cm

    Weight: 500 g

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    16" Ground Spike For Parasols Steel Parasol Holder

    Β£17.98 GBP

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