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    Solar Powered Outdoor Bird Bath Fountain With Led Lights

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    Product description

    This traditional styled bird bath with solar garden light is a great garden feature with attractive details throughout and is perfect for bird watchers, landscape designers and other hobbyists. The bird bath is very easy to assemble as it is a simple screw together robust construction. The bird bath can attract so many different type of wild birds it is almost a must have for any keen bird watcher.


    Please Note: These solar powered lights may not be fully charged on purchase, we recommend that you place the lights in direct sunlight for up to 6-8 hours to allow the batteries to fully charge to get the most out of the product.


    • Traditional bird bath with solar garden light
    • Simple and easy to assemble
    • Traditional looking bird bath
    • Robust construction
    • Attractive detail throughout
    • Attracts all different kinds of wild birds



    Height: 105cm Diameter: 50cm Weight: 4.1kg


    Package Content

    1 x Traditional Bird Bath with Solar Garden Light

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: 4160 g

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    Solar Powered Outdoor Bird Bath Fountain With Led Lights

    Β£65.98 GBP

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