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    Bright Led Collapsible Lantern And Torch Headlight Set

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    TRIO-LED LIGH SET - The trio LED light set includes 1x collapsible lantern, 1x battery-powered hands-free Headlight and 1x handy compact torch. The COB LED light technology delivers 360-degree illumination. Perfect for emergencies, camping, hiking, long walks, caving, fishing, hunting, car maintenance or mechanical repairs.

    COLLAPSIBLE LANTERN - The collapsible lantern is the best emergency tent light with COB technology. It comes with handles for convenient hanging. Just hang it anywhere to create overhead lighting when out hiking and camping.

    LED HEADLIGHT - The bright headlight torch has 3 white LED lights for powerful and efficient flood light. It delivers 8 lumens of power, which means it can last up to 8 hours. The lightweight construction of the head torch allows for easy transportability, while an elasticated strap ensures a comfortable fit on most heads.

    HANDY RUBBER-COATED TORCH - The LED torch light is a must-have for every emergency kit. It has 9 LEDs and provides ultra-bright light that will give you enough visibility in no time. It has a high-quality aluminium finish, which makes it solid and durable. Also, it has a lifespan of up to 50k hours.

    DIMENSIONS - The collapsible LED lantern measures 18.2 cm L x 8.5 cm W but when collapsed it is 12.2 cm L x 8.5 cm W. The headlight is 5.8 cm x 4.4 cm with an elasticated head strap whereas the LED torch is 10 cm x 3 cm. All of them are included in one package and also are battery-powered (not included). Your best emergency companion on any adventure.

    Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, an emergency responder or just want to have some fun in your own backyard with friends - the COB LED light set is perfect for all of these uses.

    The trio includes a lantern that can be collapsed flat when no illumination is needed, a hand-held torch and an elasticated headlight making them great as a spotlight on dark streets during nighttime hours or if there ever arises any kind of emergency. They are all battery-powered (not included), portable, compact and lightweight.

    The latest COB LED lights provide bright 360-degree illumination which is ideal for camping, caravanning, hiking, night walks, mechanical repairs, power outage, caving, fishing or hunting.

    Box Dimensions: 20.5cm x 9cm x 26cm

    Weight: 430 g

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    Bright Led Collapsible Lantern And Torch Headlight Set

    Β£33.98 GBP

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