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    Male Portable Urinal, Pee Bottle for Travel

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    Product description

    These portable urinal bottles are available for men and women as one of the options is unisex and comes with an attachment to make it usable for women. The bottles can be used at home, whilst travelling or camping, they also come in handy for people with bladder problems or elderly people.


    The urinal bottles are made from a sturdy plastic and feature a long neck and snap on lid to help prevent spillages, the bottles can be used while either stood up or lay down . the 1000ml (1L) bottle has a scale for measuring volume which can be used to record medical data, there is also a carry handle which makes it easy to carry, dispose and clean.



    -Portable urinal bottle

    -Men’s and women’s (unisex) available

    -For use at home, whilst travelling or camping

    -Snap on lid to prevent spillages

    -Scale for measuring volume

    -Made from sturdy plastic

    -Size: 1000ml



    Height: 12cm Width: 25cm Depth: 10cm


    Package Content

    1 x Portable Urinal Bottle

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: g

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    Male Portable Urinal, Pee Bottle for Travel


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