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    Stylish Wine Bottle And Glass Holder For Two

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    This spiral wine bottle holder and 2 wine glass holders stop glasses and bottles tumbling over on uneven ground, they are perfect for picnics, camping, beaches and BBQs. Forget about spillages caused by placing a wine bottle and glasses on bumpy ground, because the holders provide a safe and stable place to put them.


     The bottle and glass holders are made from stainless steel with spikes to easily insert them in the ground. You can also submerge the bottle holder in water to keep your bubbly nice and cool, making it perfect for a riverside picnic.


    • Wine bottle holder & 2 wine glass holders
    • Spiral shaped wine bottle holder with 2 wine glass holders
    • Bottle holder can be submerged in water to keep wine cool
    • Holders securely hold glasses to stop them tumbling over
    • Perfect for camping, picnics, beach outings and barbecues
    • Stainless steel with sharp ends to easily insert into ground



    Height: 44cm Width: 10cm Depth: 9cm Weight: 0.3kg


    Package Content

    1 x Wine Bottle Holder Ground Stake

    2 x Wine Glass Holder Ground Stake

    Box Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 35cm

    Weight: 290 g

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    Stylish Wine Bottle And Glass Holder For Two

    £11.98 GBP

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