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    Wooden Shoe Trees Shoe Expander Shoe Stretchers For Women

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    These Shoe Stretchers gently stretch your shoes so that they will fit your feet perfectly. Unlike an old-fashioned shoe stretcher, this 2-way model design will increase the length of a tight shoe to a certain extent, but it mainly widens them. 

    You can use them for breaking in new shoes, stretching the length of shoes that are a little small, stretching the width of shoes that feel tight, stretching individual shoes when your feet are between sizes. These stretchers can also be used to maintain the shape of your shoes which often can become creased over a certain period of time. 

    These shoe stretchers can also be used for relieving pain caused by bunions and corns. This is done by simply adding the corn plastic caps (included) positioned around the wooden inserts where the pressure point is located. The ladies are suitable for ladies shoe sizes of UK 3-8.

    • 2 way adjustable
    • Great for lengthening & widening shoes
    • Stretch shoes to fit your foot shape
    • Maintains shoe shape
    • Prevents shoe creasing
    • Perfect for many types of shoes
    • Fits both right & left shoes
    • Relieves pain caused by uncomfortable shoes
    • Made of top quality wood
    • Very durable
    • Strong mechanism with adjustment wheel
    • Quick & easy to use
    • UK Shoe Size 3-8



    Length: 40cm Width: 9cm

    Package Contents 
    1 x Pair of Shoe Stretchers

    Box Dimensions: 20cm x 10cm x 10cm

    Weight: 640 g

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    Wooden Shoe Trees Shoe Expander Shoe Stretchers For Women

    £10.99 GBP

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