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    Plush Monsters for Anxiety and Stress Relief

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    • EAT THE WORRY AWAY: Meet the Worry Monster Who Will Save Your Child From Their Worry's. When Night Falls, It's Time for Dreams. Nice, Funny, Sad or Exciting Dreams Are Fine, but Being Woken by a Horrible Nightmare is Really Upsetting. Fortunately for Children, There Are the Worry Eaters!
    • SLEEP WELL: Every Night and Every Day They Turn Fears, Worries or Bad Moods Into Nice Stories to Enjoy Together or Alone. Worry Monster Loves to Eat Worries - They Are His Favorite Meal! Yum Yum
    • NO WORRIES: Just Make Sure You Take Him With You Wherever You Go. The Worry Monster's Motto is 'We Eat Your Worries'
    • RECOMMENDED BY SPECIALISTS: They Are Recommended by Psychologists and Teachers to Act as a Waste Bin for the Fears, Troubles and Woes That They Don't Always Tell Their Parents About
    • DIMENSIONS: Height: 32cm, Width: 22cm, Deep: 5cm, Hand Washable
    • Height: 33cm Width: 22cm Depth: 5cm Weight: 135g
    Package Content
    • 1 x Worried Monster Plush Toy

    Box Dimensions: cm x cm x cm

    Weight: g

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    Plush Monsters for Anxiety and Stress Relief


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